Some lame stuff

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Some lame stuff

Post  Stech on Mon Feb 04, 2008 4:06 am

I really don't like how this first on turned out, tried to do something different besides the red pyscho electric stuff always done with this sig, but it just wouldn't come out right. Don't think I'll ever use it.

This one is much more bareable, I actually kind of like it. Though the dimensions are odd.

And some older stuff from my older name

And some stuff I made for other people or for kicks and giggles.

As you can tell I like anime Razz Specifically Bleach. Hopefully I'll have a decent ichimaru sig coming up. He makes a good face for pictures.


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Re: Some lame stuff

Post  Dark_Night on Mon Feb 04, 2008 10:22 am

Nice work man!

We have moved to

Free free to post this topic there.

register there plz!

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